NICHOL, John Johnson

Born 18th April 1859 in Craigie NSW, son of John Nichol and Isobella (nee Bowman), died 27th August 1954. aged 95 years. Buried Delegate General Cemetery, Grave number R17.

As there was no hospital it is assumed that he was born at home. The midwife in Craigie at the time was Mrs Oliver.

Married Adeline Christina Oslington (born 8 October 1882 Mount Cooper NSW) in Bombala in 1902, died 10 May 1970, aged 88 years. Buried Delegate General Cemetery, Grave number R16.

Adeline was a maid at the Nichol residence “The Grange” before marrying John.

Their children were:

Emily Evelyn Nichol, born 1905 Bombala NSW, died 1 December 1927, Delegate NSW, aged 22 of rheumatic fever.

John James (Joker) Nichol, born 1907, Bombala NSW, died 1914 Bendoc, Victoria, aged 7 when he fell from his horse which accidentally kicked him in the head.

Ethel Adeline Nichol, born 16 August 1909, Delegate NSW. Married 5 March 1932, Jorgen Campbell Christiansen, (born 1 April 1903), Melbourne West) in Geelong, Victoria. Died 6th October 1950 Melbourne, Victoria.

Douglas Johnson Nichol, born 1911, Bombala, NSW. Married Edith Maud Watling, 6th September 1941 (daughter of Harold F Watling and Winifred Ann (nee Campbell) Died 9 August 1990, Bendoc, Victoria.

William Arthur Nichol, born 1913, Bombala, NSW died 20 March 1986.

Helena Isobel Nichol, born 23 September 1918, Bombala, NSW.

Vera May Nichol, born 22 September 1919, Bombala, NSW died 5 July 1993, Bairnsdale, Victoria.

Rupert Stanley Nichol, born 7 October 1921, Bombala, NSW died 17th July 1945, Borneo.

Mary Nichol, born 12 September 1923, Delegate, NSW.