YELDS, Cliff & Jesse

YELDS, Cliff (20th March 1909 – 3rd October 1974)

YELDS, Jessie (nee Skipper) (20th October 1910 – 8th August 1986)

Cliff was born at Bombala, reared at Cathcart – attended Cathcart School.

Jessie was born at Bombala, reared at Bucky Springs – attended Rosemeath School.

They married in Bombala May 11th 1936, their children, Margaret, Bill, Annette and Claire.

The family moved to Bendoc in 1941. Cliff worked in a sawmill owned by Jack Mawson. Cliff became a partner and then later bought out the Mawsons with his brother Jim. There were 2 mills, one in Bendoc and the other in Bombala.

In 1962, Cliff and Jessie bought the Bendoc Hotel from Mary “Dolly” Mustard (Nana Mustard to the children of Bendoc). The Yelds family operated the hotel for 4 years before selling to the Jamieson family.

In 1968 the mills were sold to Cutherbertson and Richards when Cliff decided to retire and move to the holiday house in Tathra to grow pumpkins and roses! This was a family joke as all knew that Cliff and Jessie would not leave Bendoc.

Cliff worked for a time for Forestry operating a log checking station where the trucks had their loads marked before going to the mills. He did this until ill health forced him to give up working.

Cliff played tennis in his younger days, and was a keen golfer in his later years.

Jessie was a quiet lady, typical of her era. She was very involved in the school and CWA. She loved the community get together, especially the card evenings.

Both loved dancing and attended all the dances and balls in the district. Cliff hated daylight saving when it was introduced and there were quite a few arguments at home because he “couldn’t come home from the pub, before the chooks went to bed”.