Born 31 December 1825, Welsbourne,Warrickshire, England, parents John Nichol and Ann Jones.

John departed England after signing over his interest and shares of the family business to Henry Jones and William Dickson. According to the document of 13th June 1848, Henry Jones of Birmingham, pewter manufacturer and Henry Dickson, a farmer who were friends of John’s father, and joint executors of Ann Nichol, his mother. After reaching the coming of age, John was to become a co-Trustee and Executor of this will jointly with the above mentioned. He signed away this right in June 1848.

He sailed from England on 8 July 1848 on the Barque Locknager of 379 tons captained by Joseph Dalgarno, and arrived in Australia 24 October 1848. They sailed via the Arquipelago De Cabo Verde, Cape de Verde Islands, (Portugese Mandate) situated off the coast of Liberia, West Coast of Africa, Atlantic Ocean.

He married Isabel/Isabella Bowman born 1831 in Dundee Scotland, daughter of Thomas Bowman, merchant and Milne Lawson. Isabella came out to Australia by herself from Dundee Scotland in 1853 aboard the Barque “Dundee”.

Their children were:

John Johnson Nichol, born Craigie, NSW 30 April 1859, died Bendoc, Vic 27th August 1954, married Adeline Christina Oslington.

Eliza Ann Nichol, born Craigie, NSW 4 October 1860, died Delegate, NSW 1 April 1947, Married Arthur G Davidson

Isobella Grace Nichol, born Bombala, NSW 17 February 1865, died New Norfolk, Tasmania 23 August 1899, Married Charles Britton.

Emily Jane Nichol, born Bombala, NSW 1 July 1866, died Eden, NSW 1895. Unwed.

Alfred James Nichol, born Craigie, or Bendoc or Bombala 5 November 1968, died a batchelor 1933 Manly, NSW.

Ada Caroline Nichol, born Gippsland 1871, died Port Macquarie, NSW 14 Jun 1957, Married William Hinde Fox Kemp